Jacksonville Is Planning To Play RedZone On The JumboTron (WhatTheHOFF?)



The Jags need help

If the Jacksonville Jaguars had a good team, they wouldn’t be discussing the possibility of playing the NFL’s Redzone channel on their jumbotron during games.  The team has been lackluster for the past few years.  Redzone playing on the jumbotron will not help the Jaguars win their fans over.

If this is some kind of marketing plan to get fans to come games I cannot imagine a scenario in which it would work.  Even though it is a pay channel, many people can sit at home or at a bar and watch Redzone.  Hell, Redzone is available on mobile devices.  Are the people behind this campaign expecting fans to be enticed to buy tickets because of Redzone playing on the jumbotron?

By putting a better product on the field, the Jaguars would be a lot more likely to fill the stadium.  Not only that, but the team just switched to a new uniform.


Jags new unis.

The jumboton idea seems to take away from impact of the new uniforms.  Instead of watching the team, they will be watching 31 other teams on the jumbotron perform better than their own.  Actually, those helmets are ugly enough to encourage more eyes on the big screen.

At this point, it is quite possible that the Jags are more popular in London, where they plan to play one home game for the next four straight seasons.  Owner Shahid Kahn had this to say:

“We want to create an identity, a bold, ambitious franchise that is aggressive and forward-thinking on the field and away from the field, we want to be the kind of franchise players want to belong to, sponsors want to be part of, and Jacksonville is proud of. … The key point is to sell Jacksonville to the world. We are a well-kept secret, but after today, that’s not going to be the case.”

Marketing the Jaguars overseas seems like a good idea at first thought.  But it seems far fetched to market the team to London when the home town won’t even show up to games.  I understand that Londoners are probably excited to watch NFL games at Wembley.  But sending teams that are storied franchises would be a better idea for the NFL as a whole.  It’s like saying “Hey London, we make all these awesome craft beers, but we are going to send you a Coors Light to give you a taste of what we got”.

Either way, the focus for the Jaguars should be putting a quality product on the field.  Playing the NFL’s Redzone on the jumbotron and marketing the team to Londoners should be, more or less, afterthoughts.  WhatTheHOFF are you doing Jacksonville?!  Watching 31 other teams play better than you on your jumbotron is a terrible idea.





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