Baseball Provides Sports World With Pick-Me-Up

Pay Close Attention to Major League Baseball Right Now

Written by Josh Hoffert (@WhatTheHOFF)
Baseball is providing the sports world with a pick me up

Puig is a man that I must watch live

Today, I am thankful for baseball more than ever. We have all been on a bit of a sports drought with the lack of three or the big four sports, that is, unless you watch NBA Summer League. Just when I am down though, Major League Baseball picks me up with quite a few great stories.

The Reborn Pirates

The Pirates may be a big surprise to many right now, as they are just half a game behind the Cardinals at the top of the NL Central. Andrew McCutchen is batting. 302 right now, while Alvarez is leading the team with 27 home runs and 68 RBIs.  Pittsburgh plays St. Louis in a double header starting today at 4:05.  This could get very interesting.

The Surging Dodgers

The surging dodgers have seemingly been been killing it since the All-star break. To make the Dodgers even more amazing to watch, Yasiel Puig came up huge with a walk-on home run, which was capped with a side into home. You can’t deny how fun this team is to watch right now.  The team may have just gotten better as well.  It has been reported that the Dodgers just signed closer Brian Wilson.  Brian Wilson is one of the best personalities in sports.  He should do well in the big spotlight of LA.

Jeter Returns To Lift Falling Yankees

Everyone in New York has seemingly been waiting for Derek Jeter’s return from a fractured ankle.  It took one pitch for him to lift the City.  His home run on the first pitch was the Yankees first in nine games!

So while the world is waiting for football to start – HOF Game is August 4 – we can all turn to baseball to give us some entertainment.  The three stories I happened to mention are just the ones on the top of my list.  I intentionally left out the whole Ryan Braun and biogenesis crap.  I have heard enough of about that and no longer wish to push the subject.  There are too many other great things happening it baseball to pay attention to subjects in which the league seems to face every year.  What do you think I should have included in my short list?



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